How Many Leave Days In The Feast Of Ramadan


In many occasion it depends on whether you are employed in public or private sectors. In this year’s Ramadan Feast, public employees will have 5 days holiday uninterruptedly between 4th and 8th July, and many of the public institutions and agencies including SSI departments and tax offices will be closed …

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Responsibilities Of Employer


Healthy labor relations in business word depend on the behavior of both the employer and employees. Duties, responsibilities and liabilities of the parties are laid down in many laws and regulation to ensure the labor peace. In today’s article we want to touch employer’s responsibilities and obligations in which specified …

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Turkey Severance Pay System Takes Shape


Severance payment will be made through a Fund that will be established for each individual employee, and all employees who even left the work by their own wish (resignation) or are dismissed for just cause, and whatever their length of service, will be able to receive their severance pay from …

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Annual Leave From the Point Of Employer


We have, as we do every year, already refreshed our readers’ and customers’ knowledge on the “annual leave” which becomes the most important issue in labor relations during the holiday season of summer.  Our write-offs and marketing bulletins contains the general information on annual leave can be reached from the …

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Annual Leave Scheduling And Periods In Turkey


It is about time for the employees start taking their vacations as the traditional holiday season summer is approaching, and HR departments are getting busy scheduling the annual leave of personnel without obstructing the continuity of business and productionthroughout the leave season. So it is time to refresh our/your knowledge …

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Wages to be Paid Through Bank Account


Wages of employees in the workplaces employing 5 or more personnel must be paid through banks as of 1st June 2016. Turkish Labor Law No. 4857, Article 32 defines the “Wage” in general terms,as the amount of money to be paid in cash by an employer or by a third …

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Temporary Employment Accepted In Parliament


Employers may apply to hire temporary employees by applying to private employment agencies that are authorized to establish temporary employment relationship by Turkish Employment Organization. In many circumstances such as employees’ maternity leave, military service, annual leave, imprisonment, or for many reasons related to the workplace such as unexpected workload …

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