2024 Travel and Food Allowance Income Tax Exemptions

Payroll tax exemption is applied to travel and food allowances provided by employers in determined amounts each year.

The daily exemption amount for food allowance has been announced as 170 ₺, regardless of whether it is provided in cash or card. Food allowance to be provided through the cafeteria, should be expensed in accounting before being included in the payroll.

For travel allowances, while there is no exception for cash travel expenses, if the assistance is provided by loading the balance onto a travel card, a daily exemption of 88 ₺ can be applied. In the case of providing this assistance in the form of a shuttle service, it should also be accounted for as an expense in the accounting records without being included in the payroll.

Income tax exemption amounts for 2024 have been updated as follows.

2024 Travel and Food Allowance Income Tax Exemptions
ExemptionPaymentAmount (Daily)
Income Tax ExemptionFood Allowance170 ₺
Travel Card88 ₺

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