2021 Payroll Parameters

You can find payroll parameters valid for 2021 1st term the below:

 01.01.2021 – 30.06.2021
Daily Gross Minimum Wage119,25  
Monthly Gross Minimum Wage3.577,50
Monthly Net Minimum Wage – with AGİ2.825,90
Monthly Net Minimum Wage – without AGİ2.557,59
Daily Premium Based Earning /SGK Base119,25
Daily Premium Based Earning /SGK Ceiling894,38
Monthly Premium Based Earning /SGK Base3.577,50
Monthly Premium Based Earning /SGK Ceiling26.831,40
Child Benefit Exception/SGK71,55
Child Benefit Exception/Income tax (6 years+)41,45
Child Benefit Exception/Income tax (0-6 years)82,89
Family Benefit Exception/SGK357,75
Family Benefit Exception/Income tax *Public  376,83
Food money (Cash)/SGK7,16
Food money (Card) Exception/Income tax25
Travel Allowance (Public Transportation Card/Ticket) Exception/Income Tax13
1st Tax Bracket % 150 – 24.000
2nd Tax Bracket % 2024.000 – 53.000
3rd Tax Bracket % 2753.000 – 190.000
4th Tax Bracket % 35190.000 – 650.000
5th  Tax Bracket % 40650.000 +
Employer BES + Ö. Health Care Exception / SGK1.073,25
1st degree disability discount/GVK1.500
2nd degree disability discount/GVK860
3rd degree disability discount/GVK380
Stamp duty rate0,759 %
Marital Status
Single/Married and working spouse268,31
Single/Married and working spouse +1 child308,56
Single/Married and working spouse +2 children348,81
Single/Married and working spouse +3 children402,47
Single/Married and working spouse +4 children429,30
Single/Married and working spouse +5 children456,13
Married with non-working spouse321,98
Married with non-working spouse +1 child362,22
Married with non-working spouse +2 children402,47
Married with non-working spouse +3 children456,13

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