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  • HOW TO INTERN IN TURKEY? / As the rapid globalization has removed borders between countries, when it comes to working and living in foreign countries.
  • 2020 WORK PERMIT FEES / Foreigners need to have a valid work permit in order to work in Turkey. Based on the Law on Fees, fees for corresponding work permits are as follows:
  • 2020 UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS - TURKEY / 2020 Unemployment Benefits are recently announced in Turkey. Let’s try to answer the most frequently asked questions here in this article: How are the unemployment benefits determined? What criteria are taken into account? Who benefits from this allowance and how?
  • MINIMUM WAGE FOR 2020 ANNONCED / he Minimum Wage Commission has announced the gross minimum wage for 2020 as 2.943 TL, with an increase of 15.03%. The net minimum wage will be 2.324 TL, together with the AGI (MLA - Minimum Living Allowance) for single employees or employees with working spouses.
  • TAX EXEMPT DAILY ALLOWANCE 2019/2 / Daily Allowance is the money paid to employees in daily basis while they are working away from their workplace whether within the same country or abroad.
  • HOW TO CALCULATE SGK BASE? / SGK base (also called as Earnings Subject to Premium) is the amount SGK and unemployment premium rates are applied.
  • SEVERANCE PAY UPPER LIMIT 2019/2 / Severance pay upper limit is announced as 6.379,86 TRY for the second half of the year.
  • FINANCIAL HOLIDAY 2019 / Financial holiday is created by Law No. 5604, published in the Official Gazette No. 26476, dated 28 March 2007.
  • LATE PAYMENT FEE IS INCREASED / Late payment fee applied to public receivables is increased from 2% to 2,5% monthly (yearly 30%).
  • WORK PERMIT FEES FILED ABROAD WILL BE PAID IN TURKEY / In a broad applications WP fees will be paid in Turkey by the employer.
  • SOCIAL SECURITY AGREEMENT BETWEEN TURKEY AND HUNGARY- CIRCULAR NO. 2019/13. / Social Security Agreement between Turkey and Hungary signed in Budapest on 24th February 2015 has been accepted in Parliament and the related Law No. 6961 has been published in the Official Gazette on 3rd April 2017. The agreement has entered into force on 1st April 2018 by the Cabinet Decree No: 2018/11543.
  • HOW CAN YOU TAKE THE RAMADAN FEAST 9 DAYS HOLIDAY? / This year holy Ramadan Feast will be observed between Tuesday, 4 June and Thursday 6 June, also Monday, 3rd of June is the eve of the feast and half day holiday.

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