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  • WORK DURING FEAST OF SACRIFICE AND HOLIDAY BENEFITS / Working on national days and public holidays is arranged in article 44 of Law No. 4857. Working on such days is determined by employment contracts and collective agreements.
  • IS HALF DAY PAID LEAVE POSSIBLE? / Yes it is possible to take half day paid leave; there is no arrangement in laws and regulations against it.
  • IS COMPENSATORY WORK POSSIBLE FOR EVES OF FEASTS? / In case of bad weather and under some other circumstances that made working impossible, employer has the right to ask its employers to make up unworked hours at a later date.
  • FAQS ABOUT PAID MILITARY SERVICE EXEMPTION / As we informed you before, employees who were born on or before 1st January 1994, and pay 15.000,00 TRY will complete their military service in 21 days of basic military training.
  • CHANGE IN CONDITION OF UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFIT / One of the conditions for being eligible “dole” is “120 days’ premium prior to unemployment must be paid uninterruptedly”.
  • WHAT IS CASH COMPENSATION? / Cash compensation or cash indemnity is a kind of additional payment made to employees dealing with or responsible for cash flow in pay-desk, cashier's office and so on. This payment is intended to compensate the cash deficit that may occur during such employees' transactions.
  • COLLECTIVE VACATION PRINCIPLES / Collective vacation or annual shutdown, though not common in Turkey, is applied usually by manufacturing companies during certain seasons preferably in summer.
  • PAID MILITARY SERVICE EXEMPTION / Employees who benefit from paid military service exemption will be given unpaid leave.
  • RETROSPECTIVE BENEFITING STARTS IN JULY 2018 / Set-off process from the due debts of employer, regarding the retrospective benefiting from the incentives, will start as of July 2018 without waiting until 1st of 2019.
  • VACATION AND PAID LEAVES IN PRESS LAW / In Turkey press members have different rights in comparison with the other employees, regarding annual vacation, paid leaves and maternity leave.
  • SEVERANCE PAY OF PRESS MEMBERS/ Press members severance pay is arranged in a different way due to nature of the profession.
  • ANNUAL VACATION PRINCIPLES IN TURKEY - Principles of paid annual vacation are asset out in articles 53 and 62 of Labor Law, No. 4857, and in Regulation on Paid Annual Leave.


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2018 turkey fact sheet

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