2024 First Term Severance Pay Ceiling Announced

According to the announcement made through the circular on Financial and Social Rights by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, along with the determination of civil servant salary coefficients, the ceiling for severance pay has also been announced.

While severance pay is calculated based on an employee’s permanent additional earnings, the retirement bonus amount of the civil servant who is at the highest level for these earnings is accepted as the ceiling. If an employee’s earnings exceed this ceiling, severance pay calculation is carried out based on this determined ceiling.

New Term Severance Pay Ceiling

The amount to be considered as the ceiling in the severance pay to be calculated for employees who will be dismissed as of January 2024 was announced as 35,058.58 ₺.

2024 First Term Severance Pay Ceiling
01.01.2024 – 30.06.2024
35.058,58 ₺

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