2022 Payroll Parameters

You can find payroll parameters valid for 2022 1st term the below:

Minimum Wage01.01.2022 – 30.06.202201.07.2022 – 31.12.2022
Minimum Wage – Monthly Gross5,0045,004
Minimum Wage – Monthly Net4,253.44,253.4
Minimum Wage – Daily Gross166.8166.8
Minimum Wage – Hourly Gross22.2422.24
Minimum Wage – Monthly Gross /Miners10,00810,008
Intern Fee /Workplace w/ 20+ Employees1,276.021,276.02
Intern Fee /Workplace w/ less than 20 Employees638.01638.01
Intern Fee /Engineering Student1,488.691,488.69
Apprenticeship Fee1,276.021,276.02
SSI Parameters  
Minimum SSI Premium Base – Daily166.80166.8
Maximum SSI Premium Base – Daily1,2511,251
Minimum SSI Premium Base – Monthly5,0045,004
Maximum SSI Premium Base – Monthly37,53037,530
SSI Exemption on Child Support Allowance100.08100.08
SSI Exemption on Family Support Allowance500.4500.4
Meal Allowance (Cash) / SSI10.0110.01
SSI Exemption on Private Health Ins. & Pension1,501.21,501.2
Income Tax Parameters
1. Tax Bracket 15%0 – 32,0000 – 32,000
2. Tax Bracket 20%32,000 – 70,00032,000 – 70,000
3. Tax Bracket 27%70,000 – 250,00070,000 – 250,000
4. Tax Bracket 35%250,000 – 880,000250,000 – 880,000
5. Tax Bracket 40%880,000 +880,000 +
Child Support (6+ years old) Tax Exemption58.86 –
Child Support (0-6 years old) Tax Exemption117.72 –
Family Support Tax Exemption *Only Civil Servants535.17 –
Meal Allowance (Card) Tax Exemption3434
Transportation Allowance (Card) Tax Exemption1717
1. Degree Disability Tax Benefit2,0002,000
2. Degree Disability Tax Benefit1,1701,170
3. Degree Disability Tax Benefit500500
Stamp Tax Parameters
Stamp Tax Rate0.759%0.759%
Severance Payment Cap
Severance Payment Base Cap10,848.59 –
Nursing Allowance316316
Child Allowance/1. Child (Ministiry of Labor)  
Child Allowance/2. Child (Ministiry of Labor)  
Child Allowance/3. Child (Ministiry of Labor)  
 Daily Net AmountMonthly Net Amount
Unemployment Allowance / Minimum66.211,986.41
Unemployment Allowance / Maximum132.433,972.82
Medical Leave Allow. Outpatient / Minimum111.23,336
Medical Leave Allow. Outpatient / Maximum83425,020
Medical Leave Allow. Inpatient / Minimum83.42,502
 Medical Leave Allow. Inpatient / Maximum625.518,765
Half-Time Employment After Birth Allowance82.772,483.01

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