FAQ On Turkish Private Pension System


As of 1 January 2017 every wage-earner Turkish citizen under 45 years of age will be automatically enrolled in a pension plan arranged by employers as per the Law No. 6740, “Amending the Law on Individual Pension Savings and Investment System,” which has been issued in Official Gazette dated 25 …

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On Employement Of Interns


  Q – Is it obligatory to make payment to the interns? That depends whether the internship is compulsory or optional. There is no obligation to pay for the University students who are subject to compulsory internship.  If employer chooses to pay, the payment is subject to income and stamp …

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IN Kind Benefits In Ramadan


Ramadan; the month of fasting, starts on 6th of June this year and continues until 5th of July. Turkish Labor Law 4857 has no special arrangements or provisions for Ramadan and as per the Turkish Constitution and Article 5 of Labor Law there can be no discrimination amongst people or …

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Faq On Annual Leave In Turkey


period. How to Pay the Remuneration for Annual Leave? Employee’s wage, pertaining to the period of annual leave, should be paid in advance or by raising an advance payment prior to commencement of the leave. The annual leave remuneration of employees who are not paid daily, monthly or weekly but …

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Types Of International Protection In Turkey


Refugees, conditional refugees, subsidiary protection, applicants of international protection, and over 2 million Syrians which are “under temporary protection”. All of these terms and definitions in the asylum system of Turkey are causing a conceptual confusion, and are inconsistent with those of international conventions and laws. Turkey, a signatory to the …

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Sickness Reports & Employers


This article is intended to provide answers for the FAQ as regard to employer’s position in the cases of temporary incapacity due to; – Sickness,– Work accident and occupational disease,– Maternity of female employee. Q:  Is the employer obliged to pay for the non-worked days stated in the medical report? …

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SSI/SGK Codes For Termination of Employement


As is known the leaver’s deregistration should be notified to SGK / SSI / Social Security Institution and İŞKUR / Turkish Employment Agency within the certain period by filling the forms online in the related websites. For ensuring the consistency in application, SSI determined a list of two digits codes …

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Is Christmas a Holiday in Turkey


In today’s globalizing economies we witness an international labor movement, almost in every country of the world increasing number of foreign people with various nationality, belief and tradition are being employed. Without prejudice to international treaties based on reciprocity principle, all foreign employees are subject to governing labor legislation of …

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