Foreign Employees’ Wages – 2022 Second Term

As of the second half of the year, the gross minimum wage has been determined as 6,471.00 TL and the net amount as 5,500.35 TL. With the increase of 29.32%, many parameters have also changed, including the wages of foreign employees which is calculated on the basis of the minimum wage. 

When assessing the wages, The Ministry of Labor and Social Security also takes into account the nature of the job, the education level of the foreign employee, and the contribution of the workplace to the economy.

Foreign employee wages in work permit applications valid as of July 2022:

Profession/Title of The EmployeeBase SalarySalary
Senior Managers and Pilots6.5 times the Minimum Wage42,061.50 TL
Unit/Branch Managers, Engineers and Architects4 times the Minimum Wage25,884.00TL
Jobs with expertise and mastery (i.e. Teachers, Doctors)3 times the Minimum Wage19,413.00TL
Tourism/entertainment professionals (i.e. Acrobats) and masseurs and SPA therapists2 times the Minimum Wage12,942.00TL
Other professions (i.e. Sales, Marketing, Export)1.5 times the Minimum Wage9,706.50TL
Foreigners employed in domestic servicesMinimum Wage6,471.00TL

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