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Foreign Employees’ Wages – 2022 Second Term

Foreign Employees' Wages - 2022 Second Term

As of the second half of the year, the gross minimum wage has been determined as 6,471.00 TL and the net amount as 5,500.35 TL. With the increase of 29.32%, many parameters have also changed, including the wages of foreign employees which is calculated on the basis of the minimum …

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Employment Contracts and Penal Clause

Employment contracts are established between the employees and the employer in order to regulate the rights and responsibilities of the parties to one another, working conditions and the scope of the work, and corresponding material liabilities in case of violation of the article specified in the contract. Contract Types Indefinite …

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SSI Administrative Fines 2022

The administrative fines of employers, who violate the provisions of the Social Insurance and General Health Insurance Law No. 5510, are clarified with the announcement of the Minimum Wage in 2022. You can review the table for the figures for the SSI Administrative Fines 2022.  Law no. 5510SubjectAct violating the …

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