No Decrease In Net Minimum Wage


Government bill of law, intended to prevent any decrease in 2016 net minimum wage due to shift in the taxable income brackets, has been accepted in Parliament’s Planning and Budget Commission and expected to be in force soon. As it is known, Turkey’s net minimum wage is determined as 1.300,99 …

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Work Permit And Exemptions For Foreign Partners Of Companies


Turkey’s new “International Workforce Law No. 6735”, which is in effect as of 13 August 2016 set forth new arrangements on the work permit and work permit exemption of managing or/and non-executive foreign shareholders of companies established under Turkish Commercial Code. MANAGING/EXECUTIVE PARTNERS Following partners and associates of companiesmay work …

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Private Employment Agency Regulation In Turkey


Flexible working provisions introduced into labor market by Law No. 6715 on 6 May 2016 to create a balance between flexibility and security for both workers and employers. The Law aimed at arranging temporary working relationship, and widened the activity-areas of private employment agencies. For detailed information please visit our website: …

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Turkey To Continue With Summer Time


Clocks in Turkey will not be set back one hour to pass into winter time this year throughout the entire country, and the currently implemented summer time, which is also called DTS (Daylight Saving Time), will be the country’s non-changing standard time from now on. Turkey who is in the …

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Bad Faith Compensation In Turkish Labor Law


In case an open-ended employment contract of a worker who is outside the scope of job security terminated by the employer in bad faith, the worker will be entitled to file a lawsuit demanding compensation, which is three times the worker’s salary for the notice period. In Turkish Labor Law …

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Turkey’s Minimum Wage Not To Be Decreased During 2016


  Turkish Labor Minister promised in a press conference that the net 1.300,00 TL monthly minimum wage, which was determined at the beginning of 2016 will not be slashed due to increasing income tax, and they will take the necessary steps to prevent any decrease, which otherwise would occur because …

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Maternity Leave In Turkey


The rights related to childbirth and adoptions, which are arranged in Labor Law No. 4857 has undergone significant changes in 2016 and new types of rights and leaves are introduced for mothers, parents and adopter of a child. As we are getting so many questions about the application of these …

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New Work Permit Fees And Where To Pay


International Workforce Law No. 6735, which is in effect as of 13 August 2016 has brought some changes on the fees of Work Permit and Work Permit Exemp­tion certificates. Also valuable paper fee will be collected for these documents. As per the amended Turkish Act on Fees No. 492; following …

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