Implementations of Social security contracts


C I R C U L A R2013/39    Procedures carried out according to the social security contracts/agreements that Turkey enters into shall hereafter be performed as follows: 1- Periods less than one year No monthly allowance will be granted in turkey for files with the following insured employment periods: …

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Circular regulating the procedures and principles on Restructuring Some Public Receivables under Law No. 6552 is published in the Official Gazette


Estimated reading time: 3 min. Communique on the procedures and principles on Restructuring Some Public Receivables under Law No. 6552, for which millions of taxpayers have been waiting, is published in the Official Gazette. Taxpayers who want to benefit from the restructuring should apply to the institution that they are …

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A New Period in Insuring Foreigners begins with Bag Law


Estimated reading time: 2 min. One of the problems encountered in working life is the great number of amendments made to Legal Legislation. Working life becomes quite complex and hard to follow due to issues such as the amendment of articles in the law with the regulation and rearranging of …

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Official Mobbing Numbers Are Released


Dr. Mehmet Ozan Uzkut, the President of MOBDER, the Association to Fight against Mobbing, declared that big companies are using mobbing as a tool not to pay compensation to their employees. Uzkut added that there have been 3,000 mobbing complaints and 600 were concluded as mobbing cases. PARTICULARLY HIGH MOBBING …

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Advice from the Seven Sages to Business World


Let us introduce you to the Seven Sages of the Golden Age. Each week one Sage will give us lessons on business world and life at large. This week’s sage is Thales of Miletus from the 6th century BCE. 6th century BCE was the first enlightenment period for the mankind, …

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Turkey plans to ease work permits for foreigners


by Erdinç ÇELİKKAN ANKARATurkey has kicked-off studies to introduce easier work permit application and granting procedures for qualified foreign workers and investors to enhance the country’s investment allure The Turkish Economy Minister has prepared an action plan to attract more qualified foreign employees and investors.The Turkish government is considering easing …

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İstanbul 28th in newly published global city index


By Klaus Jurgen Measuring the quality of life in any city or town is a complicated scientific task. While necessary, over-focusing on questions such as “Are you happy?” will not automatically lead to making correct assumptions about a town’s range of amenities or infrastructure development! While some argue that the …

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