Participant employees of auto enrolment private pension may have to stay 3 years in the system, according to recent news in the media. Private Pension System is intended to improve the welfare of employees and to increase the domestic savings, however statistics show that about 60% of the participants used …

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Will Employment Contracts be Converted into Turkish Lira?


In an effort to prevent the recent loses and high volatility in Turkish Lira (TRY), new steps has been taken by issuing Presidential Decrees (No 32 and 85) that stipulate some transactions and contracts made between real persons or the legal entities will be based on Turkish Lira. Current contracts agreed on foreign …

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Minimum Wage Support Ends


Government support for minimum wage, which is being applied since 2016, will end after September 2018. As is known minim wage support started in January 2016 by the government to reduce the burden of employers due to 30% wage hikes at the time. The support continued throughout 2017, and between …

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Collective Redundancy in Turkish Law


Collective redundancy, also called collective dismissal or lay-off is the termination of large amount of employees’ contracts due to economic, technological or structural reasons. NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES DISMISSED Dismissal of 10 to 30 employees within a month is considered as collective redundancy. Collective redundancy is arranged in Article 29 of …

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Deferment Interest Rate is Increased


Determent interest rate and late fee applied to public receivables is increased from 12% to 24% yearly (monthly 2%). According to Revenue Administration’s General Communiqué (SERIAL: C, ITEM NO: 3) published in Official Gazette No. 30527, dated 6 September 2018, starting from publishing date the determent interest rate will be …

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Detention and Arrest of an Employee


In case of an employee’s detention or arrest period exceeds the notice period, employer has the right to break the employment contract by just reason. This period is also called as employee’s absence from work due to detention or arrest. Termination due to detention or arrest is arranged in Labor …

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Data Controllers Registration Dates on Data Controller Registry


Dates of registration obligation on Data Controller Registry are issued in the Official Journal numbered 30513, dated 18 August 2018. As is known, according to Law on The Protection of Personal Data, No. 6698 all natural and legal persons, collecting, processing and transferring personal data are deemed as “Data Controller” …

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Intern Support Extended for 3 Years


As per Presidential Decision No. 42, dated 15 August 2018, Government support for employers of interns is extended until 2020-2021 (included) school year. As is known apprentices, candidate apprentices and students in vocational high schools, and students having vocational and technical training in the universities or higher education institutions who …

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Shorter Working Periods for Non-Smoking Employees


According to revealed “Tobacco Control Strategy and Action Plan,” positive discrimination will be applied to non-smoking personnel. In an effort to encourage persons to quit the smoking habit, which is very common in Turkish people, Government is taking new steps. The planned arrangements involving non-smoker employees and the workplaces are …

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