2019 SSI Premium Base Limits


In Turkey, both employees and employers pay social security premiums as a percentage of the gross base salary plus some other benefits. SSI base, also called “Earnings Subject to Premium,” has a lower and upper limit. In other words, the base cannot be lower or over these limits regardless of …

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Income Tax Tariffs Announced


In Turkey, income tax rates are applied progressively by taking into consideration the yearly cumulative income tax base. As a result, income tax rate may vary from month to month during the year. There are 4 different income sections (tax brackets) to which different tax rates are applied. Also, these …

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2019 Minimum Living Allowance and Net Wages


2019 Gross Monthly Wage has been determined as 2,558.40 TRY (net 2,020.91 for single employee) with a 26% wage hike. Employees’ net wages differ depending on their marital status, because of Minimum Living Allowance (MLA). Minimum Living Allowance (MLA/AGİ)  is calculated on the basis of annual minimum wage in accordance …

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Labor Cost of Employer in 2019


As we earlier informed you, 2019 monthly gross minimum wage has been determined as 2,558.40 Turkish Lira. This 26.05% wage hike is higher than the expected increase, and will considerably impact the labor cost of employer. Because minimum wage is a key determinant of many payroll parameters in Turkey, the …

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2019 Minimum Wage Announced with 26% Hike


Minimum Wage 2019 has been announced as gross 2,558.40 TRY, net 2,020.91 TRY to be implemented all through the year. Minister of Family, Labor and Social Services revealed the decision of Minimum Wage Fixing Board at a press conference that Turkey’s monthly gross minimum wage is increased from 2,029.50 to 2,558.40 with a monthly 26% wage …

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Electronic Notification Obligation Begins in the New Year


Electronic notification is a system enables entities to get their communication through e mails, text messages etc. instead of physical mails. In Turkey this system was started at 2016 for the income and corporate tax payers who are obligated to receive all the notifications sent by the tax offices. Now …

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Seamen Contracts can be arranged in Foreign Currency


Employment contracts concluded with seamen can be based on foreign currency. As we informed before, a ban on usage of foreign currency in some transactions and contracts made between real persons or the legal entities settled in Turkey by the Presidential Decrees (No 32 and 85). However, some exemptions had been introduced later on by …

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Only Soft Copy Documents in Work Permit Applications


As is known the renewed work permit application system has come into service as of 26th February 2018. Applications are being made through e-devlet system by using electronic signature, and there is no need to send application form, petition or any other document to the Ministry. Directorate General of International …

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Foreign Labor Quota in Turkey


Turkish companies must employ certain number of Turkish citizens for applying work permit or hiring foreigners. In other words, number of employed work permit holders cannot exceed the company’s total labor force. Ratio of foreign employee depends on the sector, qualification of foreigner and the international treaties as it will …

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