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Covid-19 R&D Regulations in Turkey

The Ministry of Industry and Technology has introduced certain regulations on Research and Development with the aim of tackling the Covid-19 epidemic. All employees working at Technopark, R&D and design firms will be allowed to work from home in order to keep social distancing and prevent physical contact at work. …

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Employees Working Overtime due to Covid-19

During the Covid-19 epidemic, while some workplaces let employees work from home, others may require overtime work due to the nature of their work, production or industry. For example, manufacturers or distributors of products in demand such as cologne, face masks, ventilators, ask their employees to work long hours in …

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Short Term Work Allowance Applications Start

On March 11th, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the new coronavirus (Covid-19) a pandemic, due to the possibility of infecting larger masses. As a result of the soaring infected cases, nations are trying to avoid a major economic crisis by introducing stimulus packages. An economic package on the subject …

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2020 Penalty for Employing Foreign Workers Illegally


ADMINISTRATIVE FINES 2019 2020 To the employer or employer representative who employs a foreigner without a work permit  (for each foreigner) 8.821,00 ₺ 10.812,00 ₺ To the foreigner working without a work permit under an employer 3.527,00 ₺ 4.322,00 ₺ To the foreigner working independently without a work permit 7.057,00 …

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2020 Unemployment Benefits – Turkey


2020 Unemployment Benefits are recently announced in Turkey. Let’s try to answer the most frequently asked questions here in this article: How are the unemployment benefits determined? What criteria are taken into account? Who benefits from this allowance and how?

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Gender Discrimination in Employment


Struggle for equality between women and men has a long history. Although social conditions of women are improved in the past decades, it seems that there is a long way to achieve a satisfactory state from the point of women, according to many international institutions including the United Nation and …

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2021 Payroll Parameters

  2021 PAYROLL PARAMETERS   01.01.2021 – 30.06.2021 Daily Gross Minimum Wage 119,25   Monthly Gross Minimum Wage 3.577,50 Monthly Net Minimum Wage – with AGİ 2.825,90 Monthly Net Minimum Wage – without AGİ 2.557,59     Daily Premium Based Earning /SGK Base 119,25 Daily Premium Based Earning /SGK Ceiling 894,38 …

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