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How to Calculate Missing Days in February

subat ayi eksik gun

February is a special month from the point of actually worked and non-worked days of employees within the month. In Turkey’s legislation, number of working days within a month is considered 30 regardless of the actual number of days in the month. In other words, workdays of January (31 days), …

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Tax Exempt Daily Allowance Amounts 2018


Daily Allowance is the money paid to employees in daily basis while they are working away from their workplace whether within the same country or abroad. Tax exempt daily allowance amounts are determined by General Directorate of Budget and Fiscal Control in line with Travel Expense Law No.6245 twice a …

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Turkey’s Attraction Area Program Rearranged

cazibe merkezi

Attraction Area Program that aims at providing incentives to the investments in 23 provinces of eastern and southeastern Anatolia has been rearranged by a Cabinet Decree issued in Official Journal numbered 11201, dated 25 January 2018. Attraction Area Program used to provide supports on advisory services, land allocation, building construction, …

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How to Notify Work Accident of Foreign Employee?

yabanci is kazasi

Work accident notification of a foreign employee should be made manually. Foreign employee who had a work accident must be immediately notified to security forces (police or gendarmeries) by the employer. Notification to SSI will be made within 3 work days following the date accident is occurred. Weekends and public …

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FAQs On Minimum Living Allowance

agi sorular

What is minimum living allowance? Part of the wage that constitutes the amount of minimum subsistence level is not subject to income tax for real persons in Turkey legislation. Minimum Living Allowance (MLA/AGİ)  is calculated on the basis of annual minimum wage regardless of the total earning, and in accordance …

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Transfer of an Employee in February

şubat nakil

Transferring an employee (as exit and re-employment) between the workplaces belongs to same employer may cause loss of insured days in the month of February. In Turkey’s labor legislation number of working days within a month is considered 30, regardless of the actual number of days the month includes in. …

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