Ban of Work Termination Extended for 3 Months

The ban of work termination was introduced back in April 17 as an economic measure in Turkey to fight the effects of Covid-19. The ban period was pre-determined as 3 months, ending on July 17. However, the President had the right to extend it for another 3 months if deemed necessary.

Turkish news media recently announced that the ban has been extended for another 3 months, along with the short-term work allowance, another regulation introduced during the pandemic period. These protective measures will be valid till October 17.

Based on the recent news, there will be additional incentives related to flexible work hours and temporary work contracts. An incentive will be geared towards employees over 50 years of age and young employees.

Other incentives will be granted under the following conditions:

  • If employers insure their unregistered employees, these employees will receive incentives.
  • If employers that laid off employees hire new employees. 
  • Employers that protect their workforce and do not lay off employees. 

All these incentives will be funded by the Unemployment Insurance Fund.

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