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FAQ on Unemployment Benefits in Turkey

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What is Unemployment Benefit? Unemployment benefit, also called “Jobseekers Allowance” or “Dole,” is an allowance granted to insured employees who lost their jobs against their will.  In Turkey, it is simply referred as “unemployment salary” and paid to eligible workers in the scope of mandatory unemployment insurance in line with …

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Confusion About Sequencing After-Birth Rights

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In 2016 working mothers are offered new choices to work half time and/or part time up to some periods of time after birth in addition to existing post-natal leave entitlements, namely 8 weeks maternity leave and 6 months unpaid leave. This newly introduced arrangement caused some confusion about the sequencing …

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Amnesty for Unregistered Employment

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Employer who employs unregistered workers will not be devoid of premium incentives more than one month, and old fines will be pardoned, according to omnibus bill pass through the Parliament. In current practice employers who, in the investigations and inspections performed by the officers authorized with audits and checks, are …

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How to Calculate Severance Pay?

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Qualified employee shall be paid a severance pay equal to last 30 days’ gross wages for each full year of employment. For a portion of a year, pro rata payment should be made.   In calculation of the last 30 days’ wage, the wage paid and the some contractual and …

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3 Questions / Answers on 2017 Government Supports

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Turkish government, has taken some steps to prevent unemployment by providing SSI premium and tax support for the private sector employers in 2017. We will try to briefly explain these arrangements in three questions; also detailed information can be found in the links provided at the end of every article. …

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Missing Day Declaration

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Number of working days within a month is considered 30, regardless of the actual number of days the month includes. In other words workdays of January (31 days), February (28 or 29 days) or March (30 days) is the same.   Social Insurance and General Health Insurance Law Number 5510, Article …

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Retirement Conditions in Turkey

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The retirement age depends on the date of entrance into SSI (Social Security Institution) in Turkey. There are several eras determined by the issuance of consecutive legislation that made the age of eligibility very complex; also alternative eligibility conditions exist within these eras. ENTRANCE BETWEEN 9TH SEPTEMBER 1999 – 30TH …

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