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Granting Work Permit Exceptionally In Turkey

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  Work permit can be granted to certain categories of persons who have some status and/or qualifications determined by Ministry of Labor and Social Security. However, there is not such a type of work permit called “exceptional,” and it should not be taken as an exemption from work permit requirements. …

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Work Permit And Exemptions For Foreign Partners Of Companies


Turkey’s new “International Workforce Law No. 6735”, which is in effect as of 13 August 2016 set forth new arrangements on the work permit and work permit exemption of managing or/and non-executive foreign shareholders of companies established under Turkish Commercial Code. MANAGING/EXECUTIVE PARTNERS Following partners and associates of companiesmay work …

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Bad Faith Compensation In Turkish Labor Law


In case an open-ended employment contract of a worker who is outside the scope of job security terminated by the employer in bad faith, the worker will be entitled to file a lawsuit demanding compensation, which is three times the worker’s salary for the notice period. In Turkish Labor Law …

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Maternity Leave In Turkey


The rights related to childbirth and adoptions, which are arranged in Labor Law No. 4857 has undergone significant changes in 2016 and new types of rights and leaves are introduced for mothers, parents and adopter of a child. As we are getting so many questions about the application of these …

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Types Of Work Permits


Types of work permits are specified in Article 10 of “International Workforce Law No. 6735”, which is in effect as of 13 August 2016. Temporary Work Permit Foreigners will be granted upmost one year work permit on their first application provided that the permit’s duration is not exceeding their employment …

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Turkey’s Turquoise Card


Turquoise Card, a similar version of American “green card,” will be given to foreigners whose qualifications, capacity and in-country activities are expected to make significant contribution to national economy, science and technology, investments and employment. International Workforce Law No. 6735, one of  the main aim of which attracting the qualified …

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Responsibilities Of Employer


Healthy labor relations in business word depend on the behavior of both the employer and employees. Duties, responsibilities and liabilities of the parties are laid down in many laws and regulation to ensure the labor peace. In today’s article we want to touch employer’s responsibilities and obligations in which specified …

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Annual Leave From the Point Of Employer


We have, as we do every year, already refreshed our readers’ and customers’ knowledge on the “annual leave” which becomes the most important issue in labor relations during the holiday season of summer.  Our write-offs and marketing bulletins contains the general information on annual leave can be reached from the …

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Annual Leave Scheduling And Periods In Turkey


It is about time for the employees start taking their vacations as the traditional holiday season summer is approaching, and HR departments are getting busy scheduling the annual leave of personnel without obstructing the continuity of business and productionthroughout the leave season. So it is time to refresh our/your knowledge …

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