New Exit Code

If the service contract of an employee is terminated, it should immediately be reported to the SSI. This notification must be made by the employer or the employer’s representative. When notifying SSI, the termination needs to be reported with the correct exit code. 

Why is the Correct Exit Code Important?

The most appropriate exit code should be entered in the SSI system to notify all terminations. The exit code determines whether the job is terminated by the employee or the employer. This reveals the parties’ obligations to each other. Some rights such as severance pay, notice pay and unemployment benefits are determined based on the reason and associated code. In addition, the correct exit code must be reported in order not to be subject to criminal proceedings.

New Exit Code

With the Circular No. 2020/21 published on 19 June 2020 by the General Directorate of Pension Services, which is affiliated with SSI, the code “26- Termination with Disciplinary Board Decision” has been changed to “26- Termination due to Absenteeism”.

In case of employee absenteeism before the code change, while the exit notification is made by the 29-Employer Code of Conduct in Conformity with the Code of Ethics and Goodwill, the exit notification will be required by selecting the “26- Termination Due to Absenteeism” code.

List of Updated Exit Codes

Updated Exit Codes
CodesReasons for Dismissal
1Termination of trial contract by employer
2Termination of trial contract by worker
3Termination of indefinite term employment contract (resignation)
4Termination of an indefinite term employment contract by employer without just cause
5Fixed term contract termination
8Retirement (old age) or lump sum payment
9Retirement due to disability 
11Death as a result of work accident
12Military service     
13Marriage of a female worker
14Fulfilling all retirement requirements other than age
15Collective dismissal
16Transfer to another workplace of the same employer before the expiry of the current contract
17Closure of the workplace  
18End of work
19End of season (It is used if the employment contract is suspended. If it will not be restarted, the code “4” is used.) 
20End of campaign  (It is used if the employment contract is suspended. If it will not be restarted, the code “4” is used.) 
21Change of status
22Other reasons
23Termination by the employee for compulsory reason
24Termination by the worker for health reasons
25Termination by the worker due to the conduct of the employer against the rules of ethics and goodwill 
26Termination due to absenteeism
27Termination by employer for mandatory reasons and detention
28Termination by the employer for health reasons
29Termination by the employer due to the employee’s violation of code of ethics and goodwill
30End of work permit/visa period (Used when the employment contract is suspended. If it will not be restarted, the code “4” is used.)
31Within the scope of the Law of Obligations, the Trade Unions Law, the Law of Strikes and Lockouts, termination outside of their own requests and defects  
32Termination due to privatization according to Article 21 of the Law No. 4046
33Termination of the contract by a journalist
34Termination due to the transfer of the workplace, change in the quality of the work or the workplace
35Transition to Public Service Due to 6495 SC
36Closing of the workplace with KHK
37Public dismissal with KHK
38Maternity leave
39Transition to public labor with 696 KHK
40 Lack of transition to public work with 696 KHK 
41 Ex-officio declaration of leave

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