How to Change Missing Day Codes for Short Term Work?

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, there were not many applications for the short term work allowance which used to be the legislation for years. However, with Covid-19, the applications for the short-term work allowance soared and processing the applications has increased ISKUR’s workload significantly. 

The employers who had submitted their application but did not yet received an approval or a rejection, had declared the reason for missing days as “18 Short-Term Work Allowance” or “27 Short-Term Work Allowance and Other Reasons” in their monthly premium service documents and premium service declaration, for their employees on short term work. 

How will the reasons for missing days be changed if an employer’s application is rejected after İŞKUR’s reviews?

Changing the Reason for Missing Days Under Normal Circumstances

There are many reasons for missing days for the staff who work less than thirty days during the month. If the reason for missing days is reported incorrectly or incompletely, there are two ways to fix it. It is possible to update the service document, without any penalty process, by submitting the Cancellation/Additional documents to be issued for the relevant period and the employee, or by petition to the SGK provincial directorate with which the workplace is affiliated.

How to Change Codes 18 and 27?

Employers applying for a short term work allowance used  the codes 18 and 27 for reasons of missing days. However, if the employer’s application was not accepted upon ISKUR’s reviews, the change in the reasons for missing days could only be made with a petition to the provincial directorate.

New Codes to Fix Missing Day Reasons 

Employees who are not entitled to benefit from the short-term work allowance application may use the reasons “28-Pandemic Unpaid Leave” or “29-Pandemic Unpaid Leave and Other” for missing days, which have come into effect after Covid-19, for the relevant month.

Employers should report unpaid leave to compensate for the missing days with the above mentioned codes via till the 3rd of the following month for the employees in question. Notified employees will receive 39.24 TL cash wage support per day.

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