Business in Turkey

Lost in Numbers By Ela Erozan Gursel


Are you one of those Lost fans who followed the show diligently all 6 seasons? Were you disappointed by the finale that left us with many unanswered questions? Or did you think that the emotional ending with the final encounter summed up the philosophy of Lost? Maybe you are one …

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Wonder of a Sip of Coffee by Ela Erozan Gursel


I am a firm believer of branding. I believe powerful brands drive the way we perceive things, we form our likes and dislikes, and even the way we identify ourselves. ‘Turkey’ and ‘Being Turkish’ are in fact brands that make our initial impression in the global arena. Our cultural and …

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Turkey, Hear out India by Ela Erozan Gursel


Mother India… Land of rich history, heated politics and rising giant IT corporations but also home of vivid colors and spices, warmhearted people and incredible monuments and landscapes… India is a huge land of controversy: It is one of those places in the world where you can see the most …

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Al Gore’s Climate Movement is in Turkey by Ela Erozan Gursel


Turkey is an unsaturated market for non-profit organizations and grassroots activities. Since much development is needed in fighting poverty, empowering women, and preserving the environment, the small number of non-profit organizations is increasing incrementally. One of the international movements on the rise in Turkey is former US Vice President Al …

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