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Calculation of Gross Wage in Severance Payment


As is known qualified employees are paid a severance pay equal to last 30 days’ gross wage for each full year of employment. An employee receives various types of payments and in kind benefits in addition to his base salary, so the term “gross wage” can be interpreted differently. When …

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Obligation of Employing Victims on the Way


In Turkey private sector establishments employing fifty or more employees are required to employ disabled persons not less than 3 % of their number of personnel. For employers who have more than one establishment within the boundaries of a province, the number that the employer must employ shall be computed …

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How Many off Days Can You Take Due to Illness?


Every employee have the right to take the days off during an illness or injury provided that temporary disability to work is documented by a medical report.  Employer cannot ask or force you to work during this period, and your being ill doesn’t give employer a valid reason for termination …

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Annual Vacation of Seamen in Turkey


Principles and periods related to paid annual leave of seamen are arranged in article 40 of Maritime Labor Law No.854. Who are seamen? Captain, officer, sailor and other persons who are working in the ships with an employment contract are considered seamen. For application of Maritime Law the ships should …

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How to Calculate the Unused Vacation Pay

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In principle annual leave right cannot be waived and cannot be converted into wage unless the employment contract is terminated. So payment for unused vacations is possible only in case of termination of the contract. Upon the termination the unused annual leave remuneration must be paid to employee or the …

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Annual Leave Periods of Press Employees


Press members, unlike other workers who are in the scope of Law No. 4857, are subjected to Press Labor Law (Law on Sector Regulations between Press Employees and Employers) No. 5953, which includes different arrangements for the press member such as longer annual leave periods.

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Unemployment Benefits for Foreigners in Turkey

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Foreign employees are already entitled to unemployment salary provided by İŞKUR (Turkish Employment Agency). Now with the new issued İŞKUR Circular 2017/1 foreigners who are satisfying some conditions will be benefiting from training programmes conducted by the Agency within the framework of active labor market policies. UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS Unemployment benefit, …

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