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SSI Administrative Fines for 2018


Administrative fines to be applied by the Social Security Institution are increased in 2018 in parallel to minimum wage hike. Amounts of the fines for the violations specified article 102 of Social Insurance and General Health Insurance Law No. 5510 are as follows.

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Support for Employing on-the-job Trainees Continues

isbasi egitim

SSI premium support for private sector establishments, who employ trained candidates of training-on-the job programs carried out by Turkish Employment Organization (İŞKUR), has been extended to the end of 2018. Pursuant to said incentives the employer contribution share of some personnel’s social security premiums will be paid from the Unemployment …

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Intern Wages Updated

stajyer destegi

Monthly wage of Interns who are in the scope of compulsory Internship is increased from 381,23 TRY to 435,27 TRY. As we informed you before, the Government support provided from Unemployment Fund for the employers of interns will continue during 2017-2018 school year. (Cabinet Decree 2017/10834, issued in Official Journal …

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Work Permit Fees of Syrian Nationals Reduced


  General Directorate of International Workforce announced that work permit fees of Syrian Nationals under Temporary Protection are reduced to 200,00 TRY.   As per Turkish Act on Fees No. 492, temporary work permit (up to one year) fee is 537,50 TRY. However, this amount is decreased to 200,00 TRY …

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Administrative Fine For Unreal Occupational Codes


In the New Year, notified occupational codes must reflect the truth; otherwise employers will be liable to an administrative fine.  Article 98/A of Income Tax Law No. 193 stipulated that, deducted taxes with tax bases, employees’ SSI premiums and total earnings, name of occupations and occupational codes as well as …

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Deductions of Fines From Wages

ucret kesme

An amount of fine can be applied on employee’s wage for the reasons determined by the collective agreements or the employment contracts.  These fines are result of disciplinary punishments imposed by workplace’s disciplinary board, and cannot be more than two days’ wage in a month. Fines are arranged in article …

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