Termination Processes for Short Term Work Allowance

As post-Covid-19 normalization takes place slowly in Turkey, certain companies are getting ready to resume operations or switch to working full-time. For those returning to normal work hours, they need to end short term work status. What procedures do they need to follow to end short term work?  

Should Employers Ending Short Term Work Notify İŞKUR? 

The companies that applied to İŞKUR for short term work were approved on the start and end dates of the short work period to the Agency. The companies that will return to normal operation at the end of the period approved by the Institution do not need to take any action. For example, a workplace that has applied for a short work period of 2 months for April and May can start normal employment as of June 1.

How can Companies End their Short Work Before the Approved Date?

There are companies that make their application for two months or three months, but do not want to continue working short time. How can they end short term work officially?

For example, let’s consider a retailer that applied and got approved for a short term work for April-May-June. With the opening of the shopping malls as of May 11, the company may want to end their short work after May 11. Or it may be a workplace that applied for a short work for the whole month of May but decided to switch to normal working hours by mid-May.

While the approved short work is in progress, businesses wishing to terminate short term work must notify İŞKUR in writing no later than 6 working days before returning to normal work schedule. In the petition, information should be given on the date when the short work will end and the normal work will begin.

The notification is not limited to İŞKUR. At the same time, employees need to be informed about the date of transition to normal work. Here again, the 6 working day rule is valid. Workers must be informed at least 6 working days before the return to normal work schedule. If there is a labor union representing workers at the workplace, the notification should also be made to the union representative.

Once the employer informs İŞKUR about the end date of short work, the workplace cannot benefit from the right to short work, effective as of this date. If there is a workplace that wants to go back to working on short time, the employer should reapply to İŞKUR.

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