Business in Turkey

Responsibilities Of Employer


Healthy labor relations in business word depend on the behavior of both the employer and employees. Duties, responsibilities and liabilities of the parties are laid down in many laws and regulation to ensure the labor peace. In today’s article we want to touch employer’s responsibilities and obligations in which specified …

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Annual Leave From the Point Of Employer


We have, as we do every year, already refreshed our readers’ and customers’ knowledge on the “annual leave” which becomes the most important issue in labor relations during the holiday season of summer.  Our write-offs and marketing bulletins contains the general information on annual leave can be reached from the …

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Annual Leave Scheduling And Periods In Turkey


It is about time for the employees start taking their vacations as the traditional holiday season summer is approaching, and HR departments are getting busy scheduling the annual leave of personnel without obstructing the continuity of business and productionthroughout the leave season. So it is time to refresh our/your knowledge …

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New Support For Employing On-The-Job Trainees


“We train free of charge, you employ with premium incentive!” This is the new motto of Turkish Employment Organization (İŞKUR) who offers training-on-the job programs on a complimentary basis, and provides premium support for employers of trained young. Private sector establishments registered in İŞKUR may ask for a training-on-the job …

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2016 Work Permit Fees


Work permit fees updated for 2016 are as follows; Fixed Term Work Permit • Up to 1 year (one year included): 191,00 TRY • Up to 3 year(three years included): 575,40 TRY Same fees are applicable for renewals. Permanent Work Permit: 959,80 TRY Independent Work Permit: 1.921,10 TRY Employers applied …

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Happy Women’s Day: Part One – Women in Labor Law


On the occasion of International Working Women’s Day, we would like to present the provisions concerning women in Turkish Labor Legislation briefly to your attention. Subject of this first part will be the “Principle of Equal Treatment” and “Protective Provisions” concerning female employees. PRINCIPLE OF EQUAL TREATMENT Turkey is a party …

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Happy Women’s Day: Part Two – Working Mother IN Labor Law


On the occasion of International Working Women’s Day we presented the provisions in labor legislation related to “Equality Principle” and “Protective Provisions” in our first article. Further we want to specify some arrangements for working mothers included in Labor Law, and Regulations. WORK DURING MATERNITY NURSING LEAVE – Women cannot …

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Flexible Working After Childbirth and Adoption in Turkey


Working class in Turkey isacquainted with first time introduced rights concerning their working times after birth and adoption. Turkish mothers have sixteen weeks statutory maternity leave and may take an additional unpaid leave up to six months starting from this period. There were no arrangements concerning the leaves or pays …

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