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FAQs on Press Labor Law in Turkey

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  Who are in the scope of Press Labor Law? Persons employed in periodical newspapers and magazines, news and photograph agencies, news departments of radio and television companies, under following titles are considered as press members and subject to Press Labor Law (Law on Sector Regulations between Press Employees and …

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Validity and Cancellation of Work Permit in Turkey

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Turkey’s new “International Workforce Law No. 6735”, which is in effect as of 13 August 2016, sets forth new arrangements on validity and cancellation of work permit and work permit exemption. Pursuant to article 15 of said Law, in case of expiration or cancellation by Ministry, work permits and work …

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Liaison / Representative Offices in Turkey

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One of the ways of entering into Turkey markets for foreign-based commercial enterprises is setting up liaison offices, which are specified in Foreign Direct Investment Law No. 4857, and in the framework of procedures and principles stated in “Application Regulation”. A liaison office (also called representative office), can be defined …

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Granting Work Permit Exceptionally In Turkey

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  Work permit can be granted to certain categories of persons who have some status and/or qualifications determined by Ministry of Labor and Social Security. However, there is not such a type of work permit called “exceptional,” and it should not be taken as an exemption from work permit requirements. …

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