Social Security Agreement Between Turkey and Korea

Türkiye ve Kore Sosyal Güvenlik Anlaşması

Every country has its own legislation as regard to international workforce; however provisions of social security agreements are applied instead of domestic legislation.

Social Security Agreement between Turkey and Korea had been signed in Ankara at 1st August 201211, and has been entered into force at 1st June 2015 by The Cabinet Decree 2015/7939 published in the Official Gazette No. 29439.

Persons to Whom the Agreement Applies

This Agreement shall apply to any person who is or who has been subject to the legislation of either Contracting party, and to the dependents and survivors of such a person within the meaning of the applicable legislation of either Contracting State.

Equal Treatment

In the application of the legislation of a Contracting party, any person mentioned above shall receive equal treatment with the nationals of that Contracting party.

For full text of the agreement in Turkish, Korean and English click here:,

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