Business in Turkey

The Power of Informal Market


I recently watched two TED talks by Robert Neuwirth, a journalist whose main interest and focus lie on squatter cities and System D or commonly referred as informal economy. The first talk dates back to 2005 and gives vivid examples on squatter neighborhoods in Mumbai, Rio and Istanbul.   In …

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Turkey’s Got Talent By Nick Slepko

expat voices

June 1, 2012 Turkey has increased its billionaires by 50% in the same time it has taken Warren Buffett to raise a similar amount in corporate welfare from US taxpayers.  Despite the last several years of global financial angst, Istanbul is currently home to 38 billionaires (ranked seventh worldwide), none …

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One Language One Person by Ela Erozan Gursel

One Language One Person

I am a firm believer in the saying ‘one language one person.’ I believe that people should learn foreign languages in order to understand the world. Learning a language means more than being able to communicate with a foreigner, it lets you enter a new world of tradition, culture, history, …

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