If You’re Looking for Creative Talent, Behance is the Right Address By Ela Erozan Gursel

Behancecon.165.137As I was growing up, I was told I had special talent for art. So, my Mom took me to private classes in painting and admired the colorful paintings I would bring back home. For me, painting was a fun journey to my imaginary world where I was free to walk through things that interested me and draw them onto the paper. Well, my enthusiasm for art remained vivid as a hobby, but as a realist I never even dared to imagine myself as an artist. I studied international relations with a focus in business and always aimed at becoming a part of the business world.  However, I always asked myself how to build a business model where art could be successfully implemented.

 A few months ago, I found my answer by discovering Behance, a social network that meets the needs of creative professionals. Behance is a leading online platform that gathers creative professionals from all around the world.  The platform lets the artist build an online portfolio, display art pieces in individual galleries, and connect with the creative community (creatives, recruiters, buyers etc..) for potential collaboration. If you’re involved in any creative field from advertising to calligraphy, computer animation to culinary design, digital photography to fashion, hair styling to jewelry design, music composition to origami, poetry to urbanism, you are welcome to be a part of this inspiring community. As soon as you visit behance.net, you will find yourself in the Behance Gallery, where there are thousands of individual galleries with unique artists’ work that will inspire you in different ways.

Mashable.com calls Behance ‘a magnet for talent.’  Yes, Behance attracts exceptional creative talent from diverse backgrounds. It is like a gold mine for companies in search of creative talent.  The best part is that as a recruiter you can see right away the creative’s portfolio and connect with the candidate through Behance.

PrePress Production Artist, Interactive Strategist, Logo and Typography Geniuses… these are creative jobs posted on Behance.  The companies that advertise there know that they can reach the most gifted creatives. So, instead of advertising on print media or other career portals, they post their vacancies on Behance. Most of the jobs are based in the US, but some of the roles can even be done remotely on freelance basis.

Behance makes the dream of a 20th century artist real.  How? Think of the greatest artists of impressionism Monet, Manet, Renoir… Most of them had to struggle all their life to start their unique art school, build a reputation for themselves and to simply sell their work. In the end, their artistic genius was appraised widely on an international level. When? After their death…  

Thanks to Behance, artist, professional or amateur, have the online space to upload their artwork and connect with potential buyers, connoisseurs or creative talent seeking companies.

If you are an amateur artist or a creative would like to share his/her work with similar minds, take a look at behance.net.

elaerozangurselEla Erozan Gürsel writes a weekly column named “Değişim Yelpazesi ” on global business trends for Dünya Gazetesi on behalf of Datassist for almost two years. Her feature topics include: green energy; climate change; impacts of financial crisis on companies, sectors and regions; innovative technologies in sciences, human resources and management; social networks transforming business and politics; changing dynamics of marketing and branding.

She also writes articles for international magazines published in Singapore.

Prior to her writing career, she worked at Datassist as a Project Manager in a project that combines human resources and mobile communications with the aim to connect blue-collar workers and employers through mobile phones. Before engaging in this exciting project, she was in pharmaceutical sales working for a multinational company. She graduated from American University, Washington, DC, majoring in International Studies with a concentration on International Business and Europe. She worked in Washington D.C. as an Account Manager at a boutique telemarketing firm that specializes in fund raising and publication renewals. She speaks Turkish, English, French, and Spanish. She currently resides in Singapore with her husband.

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