Postal Notifications must be Received by Employer or Insured Employees of Workplace

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During the recent years SSI “Directorate of Fighting Unregistered Employment has developed new measures to prevent illicit employment.

One of the effective ways of spotting unregistered employees is the documents received from state institutions and organizations (banks, police headquarters, Turkish post agency-PTT etc.).


According to new SSI Communique numbered 2018/4, postal deliveries received by the persons in the workplaces can be considered as a proof of employment.

When postal officers distribute deliveries to establishments, receiving person signs the certificate of receipt as an employee of the workplace. SSI may check the receiving person’s social security status; if he/she is not a registered employee the Institution may register him ex officio as of the date of signature.

In this respect, it should be bear in mind that postal deliveries should only be received by employer himself or by the registered employee of the workplace.

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