No Decrease in Net Minimum Wage of 2017

asgari ucret dusecek mi

2017 net minimum wage will not be affected from the shift on taxable income brackets and will not get lower than 1.404 TRY.

Draft law on Amending Some Tax Laws and Governmental Decrees , intended to prevent any decrease in 2017 net minimum wage due to shift in the taxable income brackets, has been presented to General Assembly  and expected to be in force soon.

As it is known, Turkey’s net minimum wage is determined as 1.404,06 TL (minimum living allowance included) throughout 2016.

In the application of income tax rates, the cumulative income is taken as a base. Until September 2017 the cumulative amount of minimum wage was in the first bracket, and the rate was 15%. But as of October some part of cumulative minimum wage will be shifted to second bracket and 20% income tax will be applied to that part of the wage, and will lower it.

Now with the new draft law, an additional “Minimum Living Allowance” will be provided for minimum wage earners whose net minimum wages drops below 1.404 TRY. This addition will cover October, November and December.

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