Summer Time-DST Starts in Europe


Most of the European countries, as well as some other countries of the world set their clocks 1 hour   forward on Sunday, March 26, 2017. However, Turkey have been already in Summer time-DTS and clocks will remain the same, because the clocks in Turkey had not been set back one …

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Turkey’s Turquoise Card Regulation Issued


Implementation Regulation on Turquoise Card, the new introduced type of work permit that enables qualified foreigner to work in Turkey for an unlimited period of time, and grants the right of residence to his/her spouse and dependent children has been issued in Official Gazette No. 30007, dated 14th March 2017. …

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Change of Workplace and its Consequences in Turkey

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Changing an employee’s workplace location is a highly controversial issue in the implementation of Labor Law. Main issues related to matter are whether; Employees are obliged to accept the change?   Or can terminate their employment contract for just cause? Employer can dismiss the employee who doesn’t accept the change? …

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