2020 Administrative Fines Based on Turkish Labor Law

2020 Administrative Fines Based on Turkish Labor Law Order No Labor  No Fine No Act Admin Fine Explanation 1 3 98 Notifying the opening of the workplace as a collusion 31,905.12  TL Separately for the attorneys of the principal employer and his sub-employer who report the workplace as collusive 2 …

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2020 SSI Administrative Fines

The administrative fines of employers, who violate the provisions of the Social Insurance and General Health Insurance Law No. 5510, are clarified with the announcement of the Minimum Wage in 2020. You can review the table for the figures for the SSI Administrative Fines 2020. For the ones who do …

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Covid 19 in Turkish Labor Law

Coronavirus or (Covid-19) has become the most pressing issue of the world turning into a rapidly pandemic. As of today (March 17th), there are over 182 thousands cases around the world, with 7100+ fatalities. China (80,881 cases and 3,226 deaths), Italy (27,980 cases and 2,158 deaths), Spain (9,941 cases and …

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