Short Term Work Allowance Extended for Another 2 Months

In Turkey, one of the most important economic measures against Covid-19 has been undoubtedly the short term work practice. The pandemic being accepted as a compelling cause, employers were given the chance to be compensated for the wages of reduced work hours by applying for short term work allowance. The short-term work allowance, initially planned to be implemented for a period of 3 months, has been extended twice so far. With the Presidential Decree published on August 31, the short-term work allowance is extended for another 2 months.

When Will The Short Term Work End?

The short term work allowance was initially implemented for March-April-May and the employers who applied on these dates had benefited from the short-term work allowance for 3 months. With the first presidential decree published on June 30th, 2020, short term work allowance was extended for one more month in order to cover the workplaces that applied for short term work before June 30th. Workplaces that applied for short work before this date, including June 30th, benefited from this allowance for another month automatically, when their short work ended, without the need to apply for an extension. Based on the latest presidential decree published on August 31, at the end of the 1-month extension period, workplaces will benefit from short term work allowance for another 2 months.

Click to reach the presidential decree in Turkish. 

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