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With the Declaration of Identity Notification Law No. 1774, that entered into force on 11 July 1979, it is compulsory to notify the law enforcement officers of the identity of those who work and live in all kinds of accommodation, trade, and art businesses, as well as those who leave these places, and those who rent a car. The main purpose of the Identity Notification Law No. 1774 is to bring control practices in terms of public order, society and individual benefits. 

With the Law No. 7226 published on 6 March 2020 in the Official Gazette No: 31080, this identity notification process became online for all businesses that need reporting across Turkey.

On 25 March 2020, another amendment to the 6th article of the Identity Reporting Law numbered 1774 was made as follows: “These notifications can also be made by the responsible workplaces to the general law enforcement agencies in the electronic environment within the period specified above. In case of notifications made electronically, the provision of the third paragraph is not applied. The notifications made electronically within the scope of this paragraph are shared with the village and neighborhood authorities by the general law enforcement ”.

These workplaces that have to report identity reports will transfer the data of all their employees starting and leaving work to the system, and notify the law enforcement officers online.

How to Notify Online?

Employers are required to apply online to the law enforcement agency with the following documents:

Real persons:

  • Workplace opening and operating certificate,
  • Tax plate,
  • ID card copy,
  • System user registration form,
  • Petition,
  • Responsible operator notification document,

Legal persons:

  • Business establishment opening and operation certificate,
  • Tax plate,
  • ID card copy,
  • System user registration form,
  • Petition,
  • Responsible operator notification document
  • Signature circulars,

Employers need to gather the necessary documents above and register their employees in the Identity Notification System Guide on with the passwords sent by e-mail during the application process.

An administrative fine of 53TL per employee will apply to workplaces that fail to notify employees’ identities on time.

You can access the following documents in Turkish here:

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