Are Foreign Employees Eligible to be Vaccinated?

Will foreign nationals working in our country have the right to be vaccinated? Can vaccination appointments be made for temporary foreign personnel or expats who work in Turkey but are not under social security?

There are two separate channels for vaccination-related appointments: making an appointment via e-Nabız or making an appointment by calling the Ministry of Health appointment line number 182. For these transactions, a T.C. We need your ID number. Transactions can also be made with the foreigner’s identification number starting with 99 given to foreign employees.

In order for foreign employees to have the right to be vaccinated, they must first be included in the priority groups announced by the Ministry of Health (age group, chronic illness, being a SSI employee, etc.). There are two requirements for foreigners included in these groups: Having a residence permit in Turkey and a foreigner’s identification number in Turkey.

Vaccination for Employees with Work Permit

Employees of all ages, regardless of nationality – Turkish or foreign nationals, were included in the scope of vaccination, with the start of vaccination for SGK employees. For this reason, vaccination appointments can be made via E-Nabız with a foreigner’s identification number for those who work under social security at a workplace with a work permit in Turkey. Another option for vaccination is to request an appointment by calling 182.

Expat Employees on Temporary Duty in Turkey

Foreign employees who have been assigned to work in Turkey as temporary staff from countries that have bilateral social security agreements with our country are also considered within the scope of vaccination. Even though they are not shown to be insured in Turkey within the scope of the bilateral agreement, they have the right to benefit from vaccination, just like other employees who are insured in Turkey, since their social security in their own country is considered fully valid in Turkey. By calling 182, they can make their appointments with documents proving that they work in Turkey under the bilateral social security agreement.

It is also possible for employees who have come to our country from countries not covered by bilateral agreements to get a vaccination appointment if they are insured in Turkey. All foreigners with work and residence permits can get vaccinated by making an appointment with their foreign ID number.

Problems with Getting an Appointment?

The above-mentioned foreigners who are eligible to be vaccinated but have difficulty in getting an appointment through the mentioned channels can request an appointment from the nearest health institution via e-mail. If,  due to systemic problems, it is not possible to register by phone and e-Nabız, they can make an appointment by sending their information  (residence permit, work permit and foreign identification number) via e-mail via e-Nabız.

Foreigners with a foreign identity number and a residence permit in Turkey can request an appointment by sending this information to

Foreigners with a valid work/residence permit and foreign identification number can get vaccination appointments from the nearest health institutions through the MHRS appointment system.

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