2022 Income Tax Tariff

Before the new year came, the minimum wage and accordingly other wages were adjusted. With the announcement of the minimum wage as being non-taxable, the next question raised is what would happen to other wages?. Will there be tax exemption for every wage earner’s income equal to the minimum wage? The answer is not clear yet.

However, the income tax tariff that will be valid in 2022 with the Income Tax General Communiqué Serial No. 317 was published in the Official Gazette on 21 December 2021.

2022 Income Tax Tariff

The 2022 income tax tariff of wage earners is announced as follows:

Income Tax Tariff
Income BracketTax Rate %
Up to 32,000 TRY15%
For 32,000 of 70,000 TRY, tax is is determined as 4,800 TRY, for more20%
For 70.000 of 250,000 TRY, tax is is determined as 12,400 TRY, for more27%
For 250,000 of 880,000 TRY tax is determined as 61,000 TRY, for more35%
For 880,000 TRY, tax is determined as 281,500 TRY, for more40%

The table can be summarized as below:

1st Tax Bracket 15% 0 – 32,000
2nd Tax Bracket    20% 32,000 – 70,000
3rd Tax Bracket     27% 70,000 – 250,000
4rth Tax Bracket  35% 250,000 – 880,000
5th Tax Bracket  40% 880,000+

Although according to the tax tariff of 2022 the minimum wage workers seem to be reaching the 1st tax bracket in the 8th month, as agreed by the government, there won’t be any income tax on the minimum wage. Therefore, the net minimum wage will not change throughout the year and the minimum wage will also be exempted from stamp duty.

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