Who is defined as ‘key personnel’ in these foreign direct investments?

a) 1) Working in the company’s senior management or executive position,
2) Managing the entire or a part of the company,
3) Supervising or checking the works of the company’s auditors, administrative or technical personnel,
4) Taking new personnel to the company or terminating the employment of those existing or making suggestions in this subjects,
any person in charge of at least one of the above fields or authorized in these matters; acting in the position of the company’s associate, chairman of the board of directors, member of the board of directors, general manager, general manager associate, company manager, company manager associate and similar positions,
b) Any person featuring the knowledge considered essential for the company’s services, research devices, techniques or methods,
c) Maximum one person in the liaison offices, who has been issued a letter of authorization by the principal company abroad.

For the work permits of companies which are counted as special direct foreign investments and foreigners holding the status of key personnel to be employed with special direct foreign investments, application shall be realized with the documents showing that they meet the above requirements.

If the foreigner’s occupation written in diploma is architect, engineer or urban planner, a notarized or consulate approved covenant about not to profess his/her occupation.



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