Essential Facts About Turkish Labor For Expats Working In Turkey

Essential Facts About Turkish Labor For Expats Working In Turkey	WORK HOURS

The working week for employees is 45 hours. This total is spread over a six-day week so as not to exceed seven and a half hours per day.


The minimum wage as of 01st January – 30th  June 2010 is:

TL Gross: 729,00      TL Net: 576,57  for employees over 16

TL Gross: 621,00      TL Net: 499,25  for employees under 16

The minimum wage as of 07st July – 31th  December 2010 is:

TL Gross: 760,50      TL Net: 599,12   for employees over 16


Employees who have completed at least one year of service, including the trial period, are entitled to paid annual leave. Annual leave may be taken at any time during the following year.

Annual leave entitlement is based on length of service

1-5 years (including 5 years)    14 days

5-15 years                      20 days

More than 15 years        26 days

However, employees aged 18 and younger and aged 50 and older are entitled to a minimum 20 days. Increased annual leave entitlement can be granted through employers and collective agreements.


These include items such as meal allowance, travel allowance, petrol, company car (provided to executives only), house rental (top executives), company products.

Meal Voucher: Up to 10 TL daily is not subjected to tax whereas above 10 TL is subject to tax subjection, social security; subject to tax.

Company Car: Providing a company car for the employee is not subject to tax subjection, social security, tax.

Private Healthcare Benefit:  Up to 5% of monthly gross income is not subject to to tax subjection, subject social security, tax. Above 5% is not subject to social security; subject to tax subjection and tax.


The employer must notify the authorities of new starters immediately by submitting a notice of employment. The declaration shall be submitted online to the authorities before the start date.  New employees already registered with the Social Security authorities, will inform the authorities themselves that they start work, and within 30 days from the start of their employment.

Documents required:

-Copy of identity card

-Proof of Residence

-Photos (standard passport size)

-Copy of SSK identity card

-Health report

-Letter of good conduct from police

-Academic Credential

-Forms to complete and registration with authorities: the new employee starter form is filled online in the website of SGK (Social Security). If the employee releases, SGK is informed by filling the form online in it’s website in 10 days.


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