Notification of New Starters – Special Conditions


New starters must be notified to the SSI by submitting a notice of employment. The declaration (insurance holder employment report) should be submitted online to the authorities one day before the start date at the latest. In case of any delay employer will be liable to administrative fine.

However, there are exceptional cases regarding the notification period of new starters in some conditions and field of business.  insurance holder employment report

In New Registered Workplaces

Only in the new registered companies, new starters (employees) may be notified to SSI in their first workplace report at the latest up to the end of one month time period from the date employees start to work.

In the Workplaces Belong to Same Employer

Personnel transferred (as exit and re-employment) between the workplaces belongs to same employer should be notified within one month.

Exception on Sunday – Monday

In case work start day of an employee coincides with Monday, notification can be made on Monday due to the fact that one day before (Sunday) is weekend.

In case work start day is Sunday (weekend), notification can be made on Monday as well.

In case of starting on national holidays, notification can be made on the first working day following the national holiday.

In construction, fishing and agriculture fields

New starters employed for workplaces of construction, fishing and agriculture can be submitted by the employer to SSI at the latest on the date of starting to work.

In the transportation vehicles travels abroad

New starters, who are employed during travel in the transportation vehicles which travel to foreign countries, must be notified to SSI within one month following the start date.

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