Foreigners not Subject to Work Permit in Turkey

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Professionals of the following occupational groups, depending upon their period of stay in Turkey, are not subject to a work permit.

  • Foreigners arriving for the purpose of assembly, maintenance and repair of machinery and equipment and providing training on use of them , without exceeding three months
  • Foreigners arriving for fairs or circuses, without exceeding six months
  • Foreigners arriving for universities and public institutions and organizations, without exceeding two years
  • Those whose potential to contribute greatly to Turkey are notified by relevant authorities (six months)
  • Foreigners arriving within the scope of the European Union Education and Youth Programs
  • Representatives of tour operators entering Turkey (8 months)
  • Foreign seamen assigned to the vessels operating outside the coast trade line
  • Important Note: According to abolished Law no. 4817 “foreign football players and other sportsmen, sportswomen, and coaches” were outside the scope of work permit (they did not need work permit). But with the Law No. 6735 they are taken in the scope of Law, and they must obtain work permit for practicing their profession.

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