Deductions of Fines From Wages

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An amount of fine can be applied on employee’s wage for the reasons determined by the collective agreements or the employment contracts.  These fines are result of disciplinary punishments imposed by workplace’s disciplinary board, and cannot be more than two days’ wage in a month.

Fines are arranged in article 38 of Labor Law No. 4857, and the principles are as follows;

  • No fine can be imposed on an employee’s wage other than those determined by the collective agreement or the employment contract.
  • The fine must be notified to employee together with the reason immediately.
  • Wage deductions as fines cannot exceed two day’s wage in a moth. In case of piece work or in case the wage determined according to the amount of work to be done fine cannot be over employee’s two day’s earnings.
  • Fines must rely on solid evidences. 


  • Deducted fines should be credited to the bank account of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security within one month.
  • Fine deductions should be recorded in a separate account by the employer in the workplace.
  • These funds are used in the training of and social services for employees by the Ministry.


Employer who imposes undue fine deductions on employee’s wage will be liable to an administrative fine of 606,00 TRY.  

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