Covid-19 R&D Regulations in Turkey

Ar-Ge'ye Covid-19 Düzenlemesi

The Ministry of Industry and Technology has introduced certain regulations on Research and Development with the aim of tackling the Covid-19 epidemic.

All employees working at Technopark, R&D and design firms will be allowed to work from home in order to keep social distancing and prevent physical contact at work.

Covid-19 Impact on Subsidies and Exemptions

Various subsidies and exemptions are given to design centers, R&D and Technopark affiliates within the framework of Law No. 4691 on Technology Regions Development and Law No. 5746 on Supporting Research, Development and Design Activities. There are property tax exemptions from certain fees, stamp duty and immovable property in the technopark. The Ministry of Industry and Technology provides 2-year gross minimum wage support for university graduates employed within the said institutions.

Here are some support and exemptions to R&D:

  • Design and R&D discount
  • Income tax withholding incentive
  • Insurance premium support
  • Stamp duty exemption
  • Teknogirisim capital support

In order to benefit from these subsidies and exemptions, it was required to be physically present in R&D centers. However, within the scope of Covid-19 measures, R&D personnel are allowed to work remotely. The number of people who work remotely will need to be reported to the Ministry of Industry and Technology monthly, and subsidies and exemptions will continue as if they are physically located at the R&D center. This regulation is valid until the end of April as of now.

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