How will the paid military service affect severance pay?

As of December 31, 2011, males 30 years of age or older will be entitled to apply for paid military service. They will have to pay TL 30,000 (€13,000) and will be exempt from 21 day-long basic military training.

Are the employees who applied for paid military service entitled to severance pay upon resignation?    

The former labor law numbered 4857 article 14 clearly states that employees terminating employment contract due to military service are entitled to severance pay. Former paid military service required 21-day military training period. The employed recruit would be given a military recruitment document as he would be attending the military training. This document would be presented as a proof of recruitment in the military and the employee would be entitled to severance pay upon terminating the employment contract. Since there is no training in the new paid military service, the recruits will not receive any military recruitment document. Therefore, he will not be entitled to severance pay upon resignation.


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