Cases Not Included in Seniority Period

In case of losing their jobs, employees are entitled to severance pay in return for their labor within the time spent in the institution. Severance pay is aimed at supporting employees’ livelihood during the period they seek for new jobs. Annual leave is another right given to the employee to …

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How to Change Missing Day Codes for Short Term Work?

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, there were not many applications for the short term work allowance which used to be the legislation for years. However, with Covid-19, the applications for the short-term work allowance soared and processing the applications has increased ISKUR’s workload significantly.  The employers who had submitted their application …

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Termination Processes for Short Term Work Allowance

As post-Covid-19 normalization takes place slowly in Turkey, certain companies are getting ready to resume operations or switch to working full-time. For those returning to normal work hours, they need to end short term work status. What procedures do they need to follow to end short term work?   Should Employers …

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