Work Permits For A Definite Period Of Time

Work Permits For A Definite Period Of Time	Unless otherwise provided in the bilateral or multi-lateral agreements to which Turkey is a party, working permission for a definite period of time is given to be valid for at most one year, taking into consideration the situation in the business market, developments in the labour life, sectorial and economic conjuncture changes regarding employment, according to the duration of residence permit of the foreigner and the duration of the service contract or the work, to work in a certain workplace or enterprise and in a certain job.

The Ministry may extend or narrow down the area of validity of the work permit restricted by terms by taking as basis the city, administrative border or geographical area.

In case this is applied, the Ministry shall communicate this decision to the relevant authorities to whom the former advises the work permits.

After the legal working duration of one year, duration of the working permit may be extended up to three years, on condition of working in the same workplace or enterprise and in the same job.

At the end of the three years legal working period, the terms of the work permit may be extended for a maximum of further three years to work in the same profession and with any employer of his/her discretion.

Work permit restricted by terms may also be granted to the spouse of any foreigner, having come to Turkey to work, as well as the children under the foreigner’s care, under the condition that they have legally resided with the foreigner without interruption for at least five years.

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