Remote Work for R&D Workers is Extended

As a measure to fight the spread of the pandemic, remote work was implemented among employees conducting R&D at Technoparks and R&D and Design Centers*.  Remote employees were allowed to continue to benefit from discounts, exceptions, supports and incentives under Law No. 5746 until August 31, 2020, provided that they have notified the Ministry and that the number of employees subject to notification at R&D and Design Centers does not exceed 40% of the total number of people employed by the company and 40% of the total working time of the employees working within the scope of law no. 5746. 

Since the pandemic is still in full swing, the duration of remote work is extended until September 30, 2020. The minimum employment requirement for full time equivalent employees and all other liabilities stated in the law no 5746 and the regulation will remain the same.

* Companies investing in research and development and operating in R&D Centers and Technoparks are granted certain incentives which require them to carry out the research in these centers. These incentives and supports are applied for the cumulative time the employees spend in these premises.

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