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Turkey's Art House Film-Makers Hope For Further Success

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Turkish CinemaBy Dorian Jones Istanbul

Turkey's cinema is in rude health, making more films than any other European country apart from France, as well as securing major international prizes. With critics singing their praises, can the country's art house directors create the next big thing in international cinema?

Turkish cinema has had a very good few years. Director Semih Kaplanoglu's Bal picked up the Berlin Film Festival's Golden Bear in 2010, while director Nuri Bilgi Ceylan was the joint winner of the Grand Prix for his Once Upon Time in Anatolia.

Why HR Should Stand for 'Happiness Resources'

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Weird DogBy Leon Kaye

Happy employees and a culture of 'weirdness' has led to success for green cleaning products company Method.

Keeping it "weird" makes Method's employees happy, and contributes to the $100m company's success.

When Adam Lowry and Eric Ryan launched Method in 2000, cleaning products were mostly chemical potions tucked into drab bottles.
A decade later, their company has refreshed a stuffy industry with sparkling bottles full of eco-friendly soaps and surface cleaners in glowing pastel colours.

Projects Are the New Job Interview

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by Sharlyn Lauby on October 11, 2012

Interview in progressMy apologies to Michael Schrage and the Harvard Business Review for my stealing my lack of creativity with today’s title. But it really spoke to me. And not really because of the HBR article. (Sorry Michael).

You can check out the HBR post “Projects are the New Job Interviews” here. It’s a good read. Personally, I don’t agree that resumes are dead and interviews are ineffective. And I’m not sure how many companies will move toward incorporating an actual project into the interview process.

Penn Museum Makes Deal With Turkey For Troy Gold In Exchange For Exhibit Of Midas Artifacts

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Penn Museum Deals with TurkeyPenn Museum Makes Deal With Turkey For ‘Troy Gold’ İn Exchange For Exhibit Of Midas Artifacts

PHILADELPHIA — A Philadelphia archaeology museum will indefinitely loan ancient jewelry known as “Troy gold” to Turkey in exchange for a future exhibit of artifacts related to King Midas, officials announced Tuesday.

The deal is part of what Penn Museum officials called a landmark agreement with the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism to work more collaboratively on field work and exhibitions over the next several years.

World Cities Culture: a tale of 12 cities

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World Cities Culture: a tale of 12 citiesGlobal culture continues to be shaped by world cities – now is the time for them to link up, reports Yasmin Khan

What makes a world city? According to British Museum director Neil MacGregor, it's not cultural integration in London's case, but a determined fostering of diversity.

His comments came in the keynote address of the World Cities Culture Summit on 1 August at London's City Hall, which saw the launch of the World Cities Culture Report 2012, an international survey analysing the range of cultural assets and activities that are produced and consumed in 12 major cities: Berlin, Istanbul, Johannesburg, London, Mumbai, New York, Paris, São Paulo, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo.

Women's Labour Force Participation Falls in Turkey

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Women's Labour Force Participation Falls in TurkeyBy Erisa Dautaj Şenerdem for SES Türkiye in Istanbul

The Turkish economy's rapid growth over the past decade has not been matched by women's labour force participation.

Nagihan Mutlu, 37, is one of millions of women in Turkey who are not employed or looking for work. "I have two children to raise. Who is going to look after them if I work?" she asked.

Cultural Touch

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cultural-touchA New Yorker Festival on the Bosphorus? Turkey's Hippest Colloquy Serves up an Unpredictable Mosaic of Culture
Published: June 1, 2012
IST. Festival Co-Founders Demet Muftuoglu Eseli and Alphan Eseli / © BFA

ISTANBUL — The lovably goofy Istancool is no more. In its third year, the swanky Turkish arts-and-culture get-together returned last weekend with the more neutered name Istanbul International Arts & Culture Festival (“IST. Fest” seems to be the prefered abbreviation), with “Istancool” demoted to subtitle. “It was like a bad song that got stuck in your head,” festival founder Alphan Eseli acknowledged in an interview.

Labour reforms to benefit recruiters By Simon Mundy

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labour reformsRecruitment companies expect to benefit from rising unemployment across Europe as crisis-hit governments introduce long-awaited labour reforms to create jobs.

They hope to gain from moves to liberalise labour markets to tackle the growing jobs problem, said Denis Pennel, managing director of Ciett, the global recruitment industry’s biggest trade confederation. “It’s a massive opportunity,” he said.

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