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Training on International Workforce: Social Security, Tax and Payroll

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Training on International Workforce: Social Security, Tax and PayrollAs a natural result of the global and mobile workforce, geographic borders are losing their importance. As an HR Professional or entrepreneur, we are required to know not only our local labor law but also regional and even international labor law in order to operate in different markets.

In the recent past, knowing your country’s legal framework in labor relations, social security, tax and payroll would make you an expert in payroll and personnel management.  Today, it is critical to be knowledgeable about  social security agreements among countries and work permit procedures including expat and inpat employments. Furthermore, it is essential to have updated information in the midst of constant change in the labor law of different economies.

In cooperation with Deger Yeminli Mali Musavirlik and Egemenoglu Hukuk Burosu, Datassist Human Resources is conducting a training where all the current international labor requirements will be discussed.

Starck choice in Istanbul

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Starck choice in IstanbulBy Anthony Sattin

The French designer has looked beyond the old town to open a hotel in one of the city’s liveliest streets.

Most travellers to Istanbul stay in Sultanahmet, in the shadow of the Ayasofya and Topkapi palace, or down on the shore of the Bosphorus, but that is about to change if Philippe Starck has his way.

New Pension System Raises Applications, Report Says

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New Pension System Raises Applications, Report SaysThe private pension’s volume increased by 4.5 folders in two months.

Turkey’s new private pension system, which assures a 25 percent state contribution, has led to a rise in the number of applications by 200,000 in the first two months of this year, from the same period a year earlier, according to a report released by Ernst&Young.

Istanbul Exhibition Casts Middle Eastern Art in a Fresh Light

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   Susan Fowler

Istanbul Exhibition Casts Middle Eastern Art in a Fresh LightISTANBUL — Khalid Khreis, a Jordanian artist, is on a mission to fight reductionist notions of contemporary Middle Eastern art.

As curator of an exhibition at the Pera Museum in Istanbul, running through April 21, he has included paintings, sculptures, engravings and ceramics by 44 artists spanning different styles and generations.

Youth Escaping From İndustries To Service

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Youth escaping from industries to serviceA recent study shows that even trained young people do not prefer working in manufacturing. Companies complain of lack of skilled workers

The salaries in the industrial and service sectors should be balanced, SETA’s recent work market survey says.

With many Turkish companies struggling to find enough well-trained employees, many Turkish youth are escaping from industry in favor of the service sectors, according to a recent study by the Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Research (SETA).

‘Mixerart’ Venue Mixes Art At Istanbul’s Tophane Area

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By Hatice Utkan – Hurriyet Daily News

‘Mixerart’ Venue Mixes Art At Istanbul’s Tophane AreaEstablished in Tophane, Mixer Arts is not a gallery but rather an art venue that aims to create an interactive and social platform for artists

While Mixer Art aims to give opportunities to every kind of art, the venue also aims to be a lively platform with its spacious loction where productions in every discipline can be displayed.

3 Van Halen-Inspired Management Hacks

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3 Van Halen-Inspired Management Hacks


Back in the early ‘80s, Van Halen was famous for its revolutionary sound and explosive shows. But the legendary rock group was also notorious for its backstage demands. The most infamous: no brown M&Ms. If David Lee Roth discovered even one in his backstage candy stash—so rumor goes—he’d trash the green room, fire the promoter and skip the gig. He even included a no brown M&Ms clause in his contracts.

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