Employment package for 500.000 unemployed goes into effect

Employment package for 500.000 unemployed goes into effect	Government’s employment package to hire half a million of unemployed persons for public works like painting, whitewashing and cleaning roads went into effect in Giresun and Bitlis.

The project that was developed in Faruk  Çelik was the Ministry of Labor to create employment opportunities for 500 thousand people is finally put into effect. Employment package announced by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in June includes public works like painting, maintenance  and restoration of public buildings and schools; cleaning highways and dual carriageways, and roadside plantation. 276 unemployed persons in Giresun will be hired for four months and 111 unemployed persons will be hired in Bitlis for three months to work in maintenance and restoration of schools, landscaping and plantation.


The drawing will be completed today before the notary. 752 applicants are waiting to be one of the 267 people hired for four months to work in maintenance and restoration of schools. Turkish Labor Institution Giresun Provincial Director Cavit Cansız said that with the protocol signed by the Ministry of National Education, it is decided that 276 people will be hired to work in maintenance, restoration, cleaning and landscaping of schools. Expressing that they have developed a city center and county oriented program, Cansız said “We have received 930,88 TL appropriation for 2009. Considering this appropriation amount, we decided to hire 267 people. The aim here is to provide a hygienic and healthy education environment for the students.” Mehmet Usta, one of the applicants, said that he has been unemployed for a long time and added “Being unemployed is really hard. Working and earning money will be very good, even it is for a short time period. I hope I will be chosen and start working.”


The employment package announced by Prime Minister Erdoğan creates professional engagement and direct employment opportunities for 500 thousand people. Six months cost for 500 thousand employees is calculated as 200-300 million TL.  Details of the package include:

  • 120 thousand unemployed persons will be hired for up to six months for public works such as painting, planting and landscaping.
  • 200 thousand unemployed persons will benefit from vocational courses
  • 10 thousand unemployed persons will receive consultancy service and will be supported to start their own business.
  • 10 thousand youth will get training opportunities in private sector and they will benefit from financial support for up to six months.


Turkish Labor Institution Bitlis Provincial Director Alaattin Aslan said that they received 480 applications for 111 positions to work three months and 12 days within the scope of Public Work Project. Delivering a speech before the drawing of lots in Bitlis Public Education Center, Aslan expressed that 111 personnel will be hired in schools for cleaning, landscaping and planting. Aslan said: “The project costs 317.808 TL.  We have received 480 applications. 10 of the applicants are female.”

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