Foreign Workers’ Wages for Second Half of 2023

As a result of the deliberations of the Minimum Wage Determination Commission, the gross minimum wage for the second half of 2023 has been determined as 13,414.50 ₺, and the net amount as 11,402.32 ₺. The increase also brings changes in many parameters. Among these are the wages of foreign workers, which are calculated based on the minimum wage. With the increase in the minimum wage, the wages of foreign workers also receive salary hikes.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Security takes into account the nature of work, the educational status of the foreign employee, the contribution of the workplace to the economy, and the employment situation when considering foreign employment.

Starting from July 2023, the wage levels for foreigners in work permit applications are as follows:

Type of Work/Employee TitleReference ValueWage Amount
Top-level executives and pilots6,5 X Minimum Wage87.194,25 TL 
Unit or branch managers, engineers, and architects4 X Minimum Wage53.658 TL 
Specialized and skilled jobs such as teachers and doctors3 X Minimum Wage 40.243,50 TL 
Foreigners working in tourism-entertainment sector with titles such as acrobats and similar positions as well as foreign workers working as masseurs, masseuses, and SPA therapists2 X Minimum Wage 26.829 TL 
Foreigners working in other professions (salesperson, marketing, export representative, etc., foreigners working in employee status)1,5 X Minimum Wage20.121,75 TL 
Foreigners employed in domestic servicesMinimum Wage 13.414,50 TL 

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