New Support For Employing On-The-Job Trainees


“We train free of charge, you employ with premium incentive!”
This is the new motto of Turkish Employment Organization (İŞKUR) who offers training-on-the job programs on a complimentary basis, and provides premium support for employers of trained young.

Private sector establishments registered in İŞKUR may ask for a training-on-the job program in their own workplaces without going to any expense up to 320 actual workdays, and in case they wish to employ trained candidates at the end of the program, the employer contribution share of the social security premiums will be covered from the Unemployment Insurance Fund. Participant trainees should also be registered in the İŞKUR.

In the following paragraphs you may find the detailed information about “On the Job Training Programs,” and the conditions or benefiting from “Premium Incentive”.


It is common and understandable that many companies are not inclined to recruit inexperienced personnel, but as a result of this many educated young people whose unemployment rates are comparatively high in the country suffer. As a solution, Turkish Employment Organization provides the inexperienced individuals with a specific professional and work experience at the actual workplaces.

Who Can Benefit?

  • Workplaces employing at least two personnel,
  • All unemployed persons registered in İŞKUR completed 15 years old of age,
  • All students completed 15 years old of age,
  • University students may serve their compulsory summer training within the scope of on-the-job – training program,
  • Final year students of industrial vocational high school.

Who Cannot Join the Programs?

  • Employer’s first and second degree relatives,
  • Employees who left the workplace within the last 3 month,
  • Persons insured in SSI, or retired, or working actively.

How the Number of Participants Determined?

  • Number of participant cannot exceed 30 % of the company’s total employees within the boundaries of a same province,
  • In case employers undertake to employ 20 % of the trained  they can receive participants up to 10%  of their existing personnel, and 30 % in case they undertake to employ 50% of the trained,  
  • For example; Workplace with 2 to 10 personnel may receive 1 participant for 10% quota, and 3,1=4 trained for 30% quota.

What is the Working Time of Participants?

  • Participants may have on-the-job- training for maximum 320 actual workdays within the 24 months.
  • The daily working time can be minimum 5, maximum 8 hours, provided that not exceeding 45 hours a week.
  • Worked days cannot be over 6 days in a week, public holidays excluded,
  • In case of participants consent they may work in shifts.

Who Pays for Participants?

  • İŞKUR;  pays daily 50 TRY to participants as spending money,
  • 30 days insurance premiums of occupational accidents and professional diseases, and general health insurance premiums are paid by the İŞKUR,
  • Participants may chose to join voluntary insurance in SSI during the program,
  • Example: 1 person participate in the program for 5 days in a week 22 days in a month  the payment will be 1.100 TRY,
  • Employers are not obliged to make any payment; however they may chose to make additional payments for participants.

Deductible Expenses

If the employer makes any additional payment, the payments that do not exceed half of the monthly gross minimum wage for each participant are deductible from employer’s tax base.


The support is arranged in the provisional article 15 of Unemployment Insurance Law No. 4447 which is appended by the Article 28 of Bag Law No. 6645 issued in the Official Journal No. 29335, dated 23 April 2015.

Benefiting Conditions

The employer contribution share of the social security premiums will be covered from the Unemployment Fund, in case of employing following persons who:

  • are employed  as an addition to the average number of insured personnel as declared in the premium and service documents of the workplace,
  • completed the “on-the-job training program”  by 31 December 2016,
  • are older than 18 and younger than 29 years of age,
  • employed in the professional field relevant to the completed program within maximum three months following the completion of the program.

The support specified in this article will be implemented;

  • for 42 months in the manufacturing industry sector,
  • 30 months in other sectors.

Also, the entitlement conditions required for other incentives such as; submission of the monthly premium and service documents on time, not having any debt of premium or administrative fines, not employing uninsured personnel are valid for the mentioned support.

Is There any Employment Obligation in the Program?

Employers hosting the program are not obliged to employ the trained, however if they wish to benefit from the program within the next one year;

  • At least 50% of participants should be employed in employers own or other workplace at least 60 days in the same professional field within one year,
  • If the participant benefited from 10% quota, 20% of them should be employed.
  • If the employer do not employ any trained there will not be a monetary fine, but training will be suspended for one year.

Employers who want to register in İŞKUR they may apply to provincial labor offices.

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